Friday, September 6, 2019

One Painting in One Day workshops in Puerto Vallarta, Old Town 2019-2020

People love the workshops!
Cristi Fer Art Gallery has recently moved from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajoto to Puerto Vallarta Old Town. This is what the workshop participants said in San Miguel:

As a fledgling painter, I did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in some sort of art class while in San Miguel. We had only a three-day visit, so I could not take a full workshop. The owners graciously agreed to provide me with a private 3.5 hour lesson. I learned more in that 3 hour lesson than I have in 3 full day workshops. Fernando provided me with so many suggestions that I had not heard before. I loved that all supplies were available to me. Everything was so well organized so that I could get down to sketching and painting immediately. Fernando illustrated with diagrams on a white board that helped me so much and gave me great tips about color mixing, handling brush strokes, etc.

The best souvenir I brought back from my 3-week stay in SMA was the insight, knowledge, and inspiration I took away from my two "painting in a day" classes at Cristi Fer Art Gallery. I started the classes as a beginner but left feeling I was seeing the world more like an artist.

Signed up for the painting in one day, turned out very nice. Framed it and hung it and was amazed at the comments from friends and neighbors and enjoyed their surprise when they learned I painted it. Quick, effective, easy and I loved it!

I took Cristi's abstract class and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have some painting experience but have never tried abstracts. Cristi had a great way of explaining the thought process and techniques as well as practical tips for continuing at home. I learned a great deal, had lots of fun, and came home with a couple of nice paintings! 

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