Thursday, June 6, 2019

About the founders of Cristi Fer Art Gallery in Puerto Vallarta

Now Cristi Fer Art Gallery, home of the painters founders Cristiana Marinescu and Fernando Gonzalez offering one week long painting workshops in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.
The two artists have a life long painting experience, and art degrees from renowned art schools.
Cristiana grew in a family where many were dedicated to architectural design. After completing a degree in Architecture, she studied art at School of Visual Arts in NYC and Art Therapy at Carl Jung Foundation in NYC and New School of Social Research in NYC.
She was invited to show her paintings in Manhattan  in the late 80's. From there on Cristiana continued to show and sell her paintings across US and Mexico.

Fernando Gonzalez emerged from a Family of Mexican painters.
He learned to paint as a family tradition and later studies at San Carlos University in Mexico City. His first love in painting is realistic representation and over the years experimented and mastered many topics. In US he is recognized for the magic realism style. Currently he is painting mixed media abstracts.
Visit the gallery and enjoy their originality.

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